About Heidi


Hello and welcome to Notes by Heidi – I’m Heidi.

I am a standardized exam expert and have over a decade of experience helping students achieve their academic goals and career goals.

I struggled as a young adult with standardized exams, but once I figured out strategies that worked for me – I was able to achieve my goals. I graduated from an Ivy League university, and later graduated from law school.

As an adult, I realize that I was fortunate enough to have easy access to a well stocked public library where I was able to learn and figure out how to best study for me… but I know that affordable and easy access to educational materials is often difficult to find.

Since the start of the panini in 2020 (yes, I will call it a panini), I decided I would share everything I can about preparing for standardized exams. My goal is to provide these resources in easy to access and manage ways. If you have any suggestions on how to make resources easier to access – please share those with me.

This space is dedicated to sharing educational insights – but you may see posts about things that interest me (travel and art).

Thank you for visiting – and I hope you find this information helpful.